A Toolkit for Fathers: Overview

A Toolkit for Fathers is a 16-hour course that is facilitated inside correctional facilities.  Ideal participants are those with children who will return to parenting once released from prison.  This course is delivered in eight (8), two-hour sessions.

Course Overview:

Session 1: Participants learn the impact that abuse, neglect, separation, loss, household dysfunction, and parental incarceration has on children, their lives, and learning.

Session 2: Participants learn how the household environment, activities, routines, and relationships play into the level of stress, frustration, anxiety, and tension in the home.

Session 3: Participants explore how their own responses to stressful situations in the home can contribute to negative or positive in-home experiences with loved ones.

Session 4: Participants learn four possible responses children have when presented with expectations and five approaches to manage stressful situations that arise when children do not meet expectations.

Session 5: Participants learn how effective listening techniques can be one effective way to build relationships, while avoiding power struggles with children and others in the home.

Session 6: Participants learn behavioral control techniques and how to gain an understanding of the learning preferences of their children so that they may choose activities that help build relationships with children.

Session 7: Participants learn effective methods of delivering expectations and consequences without the need for corporal punishment, threatening, and/or yelling.

Session 8: Participants learn a research based method of teaching their children new self-regulation skills.  Participants also explore the co-teaching model in this session.

Upon successful completion of this course, each participant receives a FamilyCore certificate that is suitable for framing.

Improving Family Life Through Education, Knowledge, and Understanding